Beta Feedback

Update main Search box on Web Console

  1. Add searching for any combination of the following:

     - Full Name

     - First Name

     - Last Name


*Currently none of these are available.


  1. We would also like to be able to search for a User ID or Host Name and show the corresponding Host Name or User ID for it. For example:

     - Type in a User ID in the Search box and it display the User ID and any related Host Names to that User ID.

     - Type in a Host Name and show the related User ID(s) associated with it.


*Currently you can search for one or the other.  More time is spent trying to find the other piece of information to be able to search for it or navigating through multiple clicks and pages trying to get to where you want to be.

  • Gravatar Justin Hedges
  • Mar 22 2017
  • Needs review
Type Enhancement
Version Version 9