Beta Feedback

Allow customization of dashboard names, including names in menus, and default views.

TOC is a better description for the "NOC" dashboard and in our implementation, the TOC is a primary user so we would like to rename NOC menu link (from Main) to TOC and NOC dashboard to TOC dashboard.

Also, some users are confused because Desktops menu selection (from Desktops high level menu) opens Devices dashboard with only Desktop selected under Device Types. Renaming to Devices at high level, and menu item selection, and not having Desktop selected as default and instead have (all) selected better fits the usage of this dashboard.  In addition, allowing designation of Laptop installs better fits how management prefers to view groupings of devices.

  • Gravatar Paul Truhe
  • May 9 2016
  • Planned
Type Enhancement
Version Version 8