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Be able to customize out-of-the-box dashboards

Currently not all OOB dashboards are important and need to be removed; and of the ones that we use, there are elements we want to take out [such as the default "Outlook" app] and we may also want to put in custom additions. Note that the ability to customize the OOB dashboards must also work with the ability to deploy new & improved dashboards with subsequent upgrades - whether merged automatically, or by way of a documented set of "best practices" (such as how to re-apply customizations after an upgrade).
  • Gravatar Michael O'Connell
  • Sep 11 2015
  • Planned
  • Admin
    Raviv Chalamish commented
    September 17, 2015 14:29

    In version 9 we are introducing a new ad-hoc analysis capabilities that allows you to customize analysis dashboards. We will add more capabilities in that area during 2016

  • Justin Hedges commented
    March 22, 2017 13:08

    What is the current status of this?