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"Information Not Available" is top/largest bar in Desktop Health dashboard, 'Processes' pane

When our management & stakeholders open the Desktop Health dashboard, in the 'Processes' pane (lower right) the topmost bar [i.e., with the highest count] is labelled "Information Not Available". Currently in our environment there are 33,101 counts of "Information Not Available" over the last 30 days. When I select / filter on "Information Not Available", the specific 'Health Events' listed are (a) "Unexpected Shutdown" [24,834 count], "HD Bad Blocks" [8,256], and "Overheat Related Shutdown" [11]. If I instead filter on those specific 'Health Events', each one shows that for every "Unexpected Shutdown", "HD Bad Blocks", and/or "Overheat Related Shutdown", ~every~ one lists "Information Not Available". We need the dashboard to display useful information for these {and related} events instead of "Information Not Available"
  • Gravatar Michael O'Connell
  • Sep 11 2015
  • Already exists
  • Admin
    Raviv Chalamish commented
    September 17, 2015 14:27

    The "Device Health" dashboard was changed in version 8 to group the information differently, so the "Information Not Available" is not affecting the troubleshooting use case.