Beta Feedback

Improved Accessibility Features

As part of our ongoing drive to ensure the products we use are accessible to everyone, our accessibility have carried out a review of our latest release of Aternity. Please see their findings below:


Login screen

  • No headings present – Medium
  • No label announced on the Domain selector – High
  • When arrowing through the selection of domain they are all announced as Intranet even when Client is selected – High


Main screen

  • Unable to access the ‘hamburger menu’ with a screen reader or keyboard – High
  • Unable to view the keyboard cursor position on the screen – High
  • The dashboard blocks across the top of the page are announced ‘blank’ when tested with a screen reader when using the tab key. When using the arrow keys the items are not announced in order and only the titles are announced not the values– High
  • Search and Filter form fields are unlabelled – High
  • Unable to access the table listing applications using the screen reader – High
  • Only works in Chrome which has minimal support for screen readers – testing IE 11 and Firefox
  • Pretty much most of the content is inaccessible.


In short, the accessibility features of Aternity fall short of our requirements. Do you know if something can be added to the product roadmap to improve these features?

  • Gravatar Matt Thomas
  • May 5 2017
  • Needs review
Type Enhancement
Version Version 9