Beta Feedback

Show commonalities that are applicable to users (or a specific user)

We currently enable people to click on a commonality and show them all the users that this commonality exist for, we should be able to do it the other way too. 
We should be able to select a user (or in the user details view) and show the commonalities that are applicable to that user, this way we can give our users an actionable item, a recommendation of what they can do/change for that user to improve their performance and their overall digital experience. 
For example, if a user has a machine with a single cpu, old os, an older browser version that is known to be buggy, we can show that in the user information as a recommendation of what need to be changed to improve their user experience. 
We can probably even take this a step further and show commonalities for GOOD performance and present that as recommended settings or settings that worked well for other users. 

  • Gravatar Golan Shem-Tov
  • Apr 24 2017
  • Needs review
Type Enhancement
Version Version 9