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Ability to pull diverse contextual information through the advanced dashboards

Ability to pull diverse contextual information through the advanced dashboards, incidents when applicable in troubleshooting issues.  

Example = Web Status code and URL report that shows all 400 and 500 errors with specific error returned.  

  • Gravatar Chad Hanson
  • Dec 6 2016
  • In Progress
Type Enhancement
Version Version 9
  • Admin
    Raviv Chalamish commented
    December 19, 2016 18:17

    The Diverse are meant for attributes that shouldn't be aggregated, like transaction ID, file name, timestamp, etc... but the analysis templates that exists today work only on aggregations.

    We do plan to add a template for RAW data, and also REST API is coming out soon with RAW data.

    Note that Web Status code doesn't need to be diverse, this can we a regular contextual and then it will be be available in the Info1, Info2, etc.. within the Analysis dashboards.