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Bring back the ability to see URL's in Analyze similar to in Perf Nav

Application teams had no idea how often users were going to multiple different area's for a website.  This ability needs to be put back in platform version 9.

I understand it can be done for a single machine / user but that is not preferred to mapping out or discovering what users are doing outside of the activities defined.

Would also like a 404 Dashboard or some top Web Issue Dashboard that's enterprise wide for the WPM's. Ideally it would show the url or jpg / tif etc., that is having that issue (404).


  • Gravatar Josh Gracey
  • Aug 16 2016
  • Needs review
Type Enhancement
Version Version 9
  • Admin
    Raviv Chalamish commented
    December 19, 2016 19:59

    Are you referring to data that exists only on Diverse contextuals (RAW data)? If yes, we are planning to add RAW data analysis dashboard and also REST API for this data. If you meant something else, please explain.