Beta Feedback


Create a REST / SOAP API to access administration functions, methods and properties.   Examples below. 

  • Agent Commands (Start, Stop, Restart & Download Logs)
  • Query Agent Attributes (IP Address, Subnet, Agent Version, Server, Building, City, OS, etc....)
  • Query System Health Stats (Server Topology, Event Viewer & Performance Counters)
  • Query Activity Response metrics for all Monitors (Similar to PN however from the command line) 
  • Gravatar Chad Hanson
  • Apr 26 2016
  • In Progress
Type Enhancement
Version Version 8, Version 9
  • Admin
    Raviv Chalamish commented
    April 27, 2016 15:10

    Our REST API (odata based) will be ready soon for demo/beta (probably June/July), we started with APIs for the Activity Response metrics. Sounds like the administration functions are more important for you? We planned to add them after the API for monitoring metrics is GA.

  • Chad Hanson commented
    April 27, 2016 16:13

    I would be glad to assist with beta testing of the REST API and provide feedback.  The administration functions are important however from my perspective I would say that the ability to pull monitoring metrics would be on the top of the list and I am glad to see that is currently under development.