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VDI data issue during 'User disconnected'

agent continues to send data to the back-end while users are disconnected from VDI/VMWare PCoIP sessions. We found one descrepancy in data. During the period that users are disconnected, we are okay that User ID (Frontline) becomes 'not applicable'/no data as Frontline is disconnected, but User ID (Originating) is also becoming 'not applicable'. We find that behavior on Originating User ID is incorrect as the session is still owned by the same user, and some of the user processes are still running in the sessions. This is the behavior we want if the user disconnects (session is still alive): 1. metrics are still collected - for VDI this is working. But for physical machines, it stops collecting data after a few minutes 2. 'Originating ID' on PN - after a few minutes, this shows up as Not Applicable instead of showing the user's ID even though session is still there
  • Gravatar Keiji Sekine
  • Sep 11 2015
  • Planned