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Dashboard for Machines in the "Pending Restart" State

Systems with pending restarts consistently produce a variety of unusual application behavior.  A good percentage of the time, when users call with "unusual" issues occurring, beyond the range of the normal application issues we know to exist in the environment, we instruct them to restart, only to then observe the installation of Windows Updates that were pending in the background.  

I believe there is a registry key that holds this information (possibly  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates).   Just as the Recent Reboot information is listed under Troubleshooting a Device or User, the Pending Restart information should be listed as well, given the absolutely predictability of application problems existing with machines in this state.  

  • Gravatar Tom Elsasser
  • Jan 17 2017
  • Needs review
Type Enhancement
Version Version 9