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Monitor Google Hangouts Performance with client side UDPv4 counter stats

When google hangouts is in use indicated by the browser open to************************************* start collecting client side UDPv4 stats for receive, sent and error stats.   This will indicate if a user is having a performance issue in a google hangout session related to the performance of the network UDP protocol.  

Powershell script command examples below. 


UDPv4 Sent counter

Get-Counter -Counter "\UDPv4\Datagrams Sent/sec" -SampleInterval 2 -MaxSamples 1000


UDPv4 Received counter

Get-Counter -Counter "\UDPv4\Datagrams Received/sec" -SampleInterval 2 -MaxSamples 1000


UDPv4 Error counter

Get-Counter -Counter "\UDPv4\Datagrams Received Errors" -SampleInterval 2 -MaxSamples 1000


  • Gravatar Chad Hanson
  • Dec 2 2016
  • Planned
Type Enhancement
Version Version 9