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Microsoft Powershell Script Execution - Monitors

Submitting an enhancement request to add Microsoft Powershell script execution capabilities for monitors.current signatures and a Designer that supports them. So, I think it will be more practical to just find a way to analyze a signature and generate its interaction and literal implementation based on the activity information instead of recreate them from scratch. I'm not sure how difficult this task will be but if you success and make it available, it will speed up your adoption rate.customer for the screenshot. This will assist the support team to verify theories derived from the logs before getting back to the customer for verification. For example - the support engineer suspects that there is an issue with the license provisioning but can't tell what is the configuration without looking at the customer UI. WIth the simulator, he will be able to check the configuration and advise on needed changes without a GTM or screenshots. Also a good way to troubleshoot issues at dark sites if host names, IPs, etc. can be scrubbed out.
  • Gravatar Chad Hanson
  • Sep 11 2015
  • Planned